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ATOD Treatment

We Can Help

If you feel like you or a loved one might be suffering from a substance addiction, the Tribe’s Alcohol and Drug (A&D) Treatment Programs can provide individuals with compassionate care through our individualized outpatient treatment services.


People can become addicted to substances like alcohol or drugs that alter the chemical balance of the brain. Addictions create a loss of control and feelings of guilt, despair, failure and depression. Alcohol or drug use may very well begin as a choice, but can evolve into a disease either quickly or over a period of years. Addiction can evolve as a coping mechanism: some use these substances in excess as a form of self-medicating to numb the pain of trauma or stress. Sometimes an occasional habit becomes a daily fix. You will experience increased tolerance, meaning you need more of the substance more frequently to feel the same effects as before. Eventually, you lose the ability to feel those effects, and instead keep using because the withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable or even painful. Some people can stop using a substance by choice. Others, despite the negative consequences, are unable to stop using no matter how much they want to, or how much damage it’s doing to their lives. Some people also have a higher genetic disposition to addiction.

Treatment and Recovery

Treatment begins with assessing the individual’s level of care, as well as identifying issues, such as overall health, mental health and spiritual health. In addition to one-on-one counseling, patients are referred to community support programs that strengthen relationships with others in recovery. If an individual meets criteria for higher levels of care, such as residential treatment, we can provide the referral to such services. Priority is given to programs that offer culturally specific residential treatment. Our staff continues that journey with you as they provide case management services while you are in residential care. The individual will then complete aftercare at Cow Creek Health and Wellness Center’s A&D outpatient program.

Our Behavioral Health staff are co-credentialed (LCSW & CADC) so that we can treat the person holistically. Our program encompasses different aspects of an individual’s entire being. These include physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social parts of who we are. Working with all of these in a comprehensive, individualized plan, we work with you to create a stable, healthy person who can begin to take on the challenges of the world while in an environment free of drugs and alcohol. It may not be an easy journey, but with the support of our staff, recovery community, your family, and friends, it is a journey you, like many before you, can make successfully.

If you would like to give yourself the opportunity to create a more fulfilling and sober life please contact our Alcohol and Drug program at 541-839-1345.

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