A Message From The Health Director

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Welcome to the Cow Creek Health & Wellness Center!

This website and its information is an excellent resource to those of you looking to obtain valuable life-changing education and healthcare services!

One of our Tribal government’s top priorities is to increase the quality of life for the people it serves through healthcare. In addition to happiness and health, the healthcare system we deliver has been proven to prevent chronic diseases among our Native and non-Native patients. With a solid vision for our Tribal members’ future, the Tribal government’s leadership and support have made huge strides in providing a holistic healthcare team to provide services to Tribal members, employees and their families, and to community members.

In the past few years, the CCH&WC staff has been recognized at both the state and national level for our educational programs and medical delivery system. We are pleased to offer both functional treatments (use of herbs and compounding elements along with lifestyle interventions) and conventional medicine treatments (primarily lifestyle interventions and medications) within our Wellness Centers.

Almost all of the Cow Creek Health & Wellness Center’s programs are available to both Tribal members and employees. We take great pride in offering programs that are based upon the best clinical standards and medical practices available. Such practices have been proven to reduce chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.  At the same time, they increase the opportunity for you to decide the best approach to meeting your own healthcare needs.

Nothing is more important than your mental and physical health!  The Tribe has the resources within the CCH&WC to assist you in all aspects of your healthcare needs. Please know that we are here to serve you and assist you in reaching a high quality of health!


Dr. Sharon Stanphill

Health Director, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians