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Dental Program

The Tribal Dental Health Program is provided by the Cow Creek Tribe and is available to all enrolled Cow Creek Tribal members. The benefit for this program is $1500.00 for the calendar year. TDHP requires that you complete an application (one time) to be eligible.


This benefit is paid after all alternate resources have paid. It covers office visits, exams, x-ray, cleanings, fluoride treatments, crowns and bridges up to the yearly $1500.00. Cosmetic services are not covered.

Tribal Members must obtain a purchase order before each visit. Purchase orders are date sensitive. If an appointment is rescheduled, the Tribal Member must call for a new purchase order. Failure to call for a purchase order could lead to denial, after which the balance becomes the patient’s responsibility.

  • >$1,500 limit Jan-Dec
  • A pre-authorized PO is REQUIRED for EACH visit, even though it may be a continuation of the same procedure.
  • TDHP funds are spent as a secondary payer to your dental insurance plan
  • Since Tribal funds are used in this program, the service area restriction does not apply. This program is for EVERY tribal member, no matter where they live.
  • Covers items such as:
    • Cleanings/exams
    • X-rays/Fillings
    • Root canals
    • Crowns/bridges
    • Dentures

Tribal Members need only apply once for this program.

(541) 672-8533
800-935-2649 Extension 1