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Cultural Activities

There are many Cultural Activities for Tribal families that are held throughout the year. Here is a list and brief description of some of the activities. If you have any questions about these activities please contact Rhonda Malone at 541-677-5575

Basket Classes: being developed

Culture Camp: a three day Tribal family camp is held the 3rd weekend in June with a host of classes and activities for all age groups. Instructors from California and Oregon have helped

Huckleberry Gathering: is held the second Saturday of August at Huckleberry Lake located on the Rogue/Umpqua Divide out of Tiller, Oregon. This is an age old traditional gathering place that families come together to visit, share food, and pick huckleberries. This is a special meeting place that will continue to be used for centuries to come.

Takelma Language: The Takelma language is being further developed with the assistance of the Northwest Indian Language Institute located at the University of Oregon. We are currently working to develop a dictionary and teaching materials, such as word cards, software, etc. Various information is being uncovered throughout the nation and is in the process of being brought home.

Miwaleta Day: held the first weekend of June to honor Chief Miwaleta. The days activities are held at the Galesville Dam, located outside of Azalea, Oregon. A meal is provided, as well as drumming and other activities planned by the Tribe’s various programs.

chief miwaleta

Pow wow: The Cow Creek annual Tribal Pow Wow continues to be held the third weekend of July. A Tribal family potluck dinner is held Friday night. The Pow Wow continues the following evening, Saturday, with Grand Entry starting at 6:00 pm.

  • Grand Entry (all stand) begins the main event. Everyone stands as a symbol of respect as dancers enter the arena in order of dance style, led by the color guard, Veterans, Pow Wow Princesses, head dancers, and the host organization. The victory charging song is used to post the colors (Flags)
  • Flag Song- (all stand) Various flags may be brought into the arena (ex. Eagle Staff, Other Tribal Flags, POW/MIA Flag, American, Canadian, etc.) This is a song honoring all Veterans.

Spring Gathering: Tribal people have gathered together to share a meal and welcome the spring for many years. The location, in the past, has been planned to coincide with Arbor Day, the first week of April. Further plans are underway.

Thundering Water Drum: is a teaching drum and is open to all with the focus on Tribal families and their guests. The group currently meets on the second and fourth Saturday’s of each month unless otherwise noted, at the Block house in Canyonville behind the casino. 12-1 is potluck and 1-4 is drum practice. All are encouraged to participate.

Tribal Family Picnic: is held at Tribally owned Bare Park between Myrtle Creek and Roseburg on the first Saturday of September. This gives tribal families another opportunity to get together and share food, stories, and to catch up with family and friends. Lunch, children’s games, horseshoes and a raffle/drawing are always well received by participants.

culture camp

Winter Gathering: at previous gatherings tribal members have had pot-luck foods, stews and shared stories. Most recently cedar log splitting was demonstrated and the process for building a plank house was discussed.

Elder’s Beading Classes: Every first and third Thursday each month at the Cow Creek Tribal Government Offices elder’s get together and work on various projects.

elders bead work