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There are many items currently on display at the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Government Office South Building, reception area. Here are a few of the items pictured below. If you have any questions regarding these pictures please contact Rhonda Malone at 541-677-5575.

three mini baskets

(Far Left) Storage Basket- Circa 1850’s- From Umpqua River area, made of juncus grass (rush)
(Far Right) Trinket Basket- Used to store necklaces, shells, and pine nuts. Made of hazel shoot, bear grass, and maidenhair fern.
(Bottom Middle) Little Trinket Basket- Circa 1800’s- Wolf’s eye design. Made of hazel shoot, bear grass, and maiden fern.

three baskets

These are Sifter/Winnowing Trays- They are made of hazel with a bear grass wrap. Used for acorn hulling and tar-weed sifting.
Also pictured is a Seed Beater- This is Willow Shoot.

two baskets

Sifting/Winnowing tray and a Storage Basket- Made from hazel shoot and bear grass.

womans belt

Woman’s Dancing Belt