Noxious Weeds

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Noxious Weeds Program

It has been estimated that noxious weeds cause $27 billion in losses to crop, pasture and forest production each year in the United States. It has been important to the Tribe to keep these noxious weeds under control by means of pulling, digging, mowing or spraying each year.

Oregon Department of Agriculture, Douglas Soil Water and Conservation District, and Bureau of Indian Affairs have provided funding to manage the noxious weed outbreaks on tribal lands. The Tribe has partnered with Phoenix School, Days Creek School, Wolf Creek Job Corp and Douglas Soil Water and Conservation District to do the on the ground work.

Projects that these organizations have worked on include:

  • Himalayan Blackberry mowing
  • Himalayan Blackberry spraying along Jordan Creek
  • Patterson’s Curse spraying on K-bar Ranch
  • Wooly Distaff pulling and spraying on K-bar ranch
  • Scotch Broom and French Broom pulling along Jordan Creek

Here’s some ways you can prevent invasive plant species from spreading:

  • Plant Native Plants around your garden and yard
  • Clean hiking boots before you hike in a new area to get rid of weed seeds or plant debris, also inspecting pets is a good idea if hiking with them
  • Leave unused firewood onsite
  • Clean your boat before transporting it to a different body of water
  • When driving, stay on well-maintained roads

The noxious weeds listed below are just a few of many that are of concern to the Tribe because of their impact to riparian areas, pasture lands, crops and forestlands.

Patterson’s Curse

pattersons cursepattersons curse

Bull Thistle (left), Italian Thistle (middle) and Milk Thistle (Right)

milk thistle italian thistle bull thistle

Scotch Broom (left) and French Broom (right)

scotch broom french broom

Himalaya Blackberry

himalaya blakberry 2 himalaya blackberry

Wooly Distaff Thistle

wooly distaff thistlewooly distaff thistle 2

Poison Hemlock

posion hemlockposion hemlock 2

*Photos were downloaded from the ODA webpage for Noxious Weed Control.